There are several ways to contact the Centre for Narrative Leadership. The simplest and most reliable way is to use the comment form below to send your query to the Centre via this website

You can also write to: Dr Geoff Mead | Director, Centre for Narrative Leadership | Studio 19, Broad Street | Lyme Regis | Dorset | DT73QE |  U.K. (or email or phone +44 (0)7966 840669)


9 comments on “Contact

  1. Hi a message for Geoff

    I recently ran a module at Tralee university for Clare Rigg on branding and corporate storytelling. She mentioned your name and that you’d run a session on storytelling (leadership). My work covers 3 areas: 1. Finding and bringing to life an organisation’s story (from a university to financial services). 2. Creativity and the subconscious mind. 3. Branding and design.

    If you’re interested in having a quick conversation my mobile is 07774474039

    best wishes

  2. Dear Geoff
    I have just finished reading your book Coming Home to Story. I read it in a couple of days. How did I come to obtain a copy of your book you may ask? I have just returned from an overseas trip to the UK/Europe (I currently live in Australia) and while I was planning my travels I was fortunate enough to organise a meeting with Chris Seeley. It’s not a long story as such how we came to meet at Ashridge Business School but I won’t go into all those details now. We were able to meet for a couple of hours although I wish we had had more time. A focus for our conversation was Artful Organisations. Finally Chris mentioned your work and book and gave me a copy! I was thrilled to receive it. She inscribed it for me with the words “Dear Cathryn What an arftul pleasure to meet you at Ashridge – more to come Chrisx October 2012”
    I am working in the space between arts and business – how the arts and artful ways of working and being can encourage and Artful Inquiry into organisational challenges. I hope that at some stage in the not too distant future I can spend some time at the Centre for Narrative Leadership. I also hope to spend more time with Chris exploring Artful Organisations. I will be exploring ways to make this happen. After reading your book I am inspired to develop my own capacity to use stories in an ethical way. I do hope our paths cross in the not too distant future as we journey roads less travelled. I do know your book will be a path I will continue to explore.
    Warm regards
    Cathryn Lloyd

    • Dear Cathryn
      Thank you for your comment. Chris mentioned meeting you at Ashridge. I know she enjoyed the conversation. And I’m delighted that you like my book! I hope we can have more contact in future,
      Best wishes. Geoff

  3. Hi Geoff.
    This is one of those glass of vino and ‘carpe diem’ moments!
    Went last night to the storytelling cafe in Matlock with Jules Fell and she mentioned your name. Just checked out the facebook link to the St. Etheburga’s event last week (had planned to go… weather in the frozen north wasn’t willing) and found your site. Mmmm…interesting.
    My name’s Fiona. Once upon a very long time ago in my life worked as an educational advisor/consultant and psychosynthesis therapist. Came across mytho-poetic work…got involved in Wild Dance Events. Now incubating where/what next.
    That’s probably it for now. Just wanted to say Hi.

  4. Hi Geoff
    So sorry your Feb 2017 course at CR has been cancelled (I was one of the 2 discerning souls booked on it!) – but am sending you separately a couple of the CR stories I was going to bring – it`s been a useful exercise getting them committed to the page….all grist to the mill!

    Think I met you at CR when you were just about to leave the police – I sent you a poem I wrote in 2000 about a policeman secretly dancing with the “Chapungu” Zimbabwean statues in Kew Gardens after closing time….! (You kindly replied ….they didn`t…..!)

    Great to see that you`ve become so deservedly successful – I`m signing up to your Blog….
    More soon….
    Best wishes
    Sue Shorter

    • Thank you Odiri. Your work with KORI looks to be very worthwhile and satisfying. I hope that what we do with stories and storytelling is useful for you. All good wishes. Geoff

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