Love and Fear

The theme of our summer gathering on 2-3 July 2012 (our 7th gathering since the founding of the Centre in 2007) was Love and Fear. Over two days, 22 participants explored how these twin phenomena manifest in our lives and in our work with story in organisations.

Michael Jacobs and Chris Seeley led a creative workshop leading us deeper into this territory. David Green (from Melbourne) shared his experiences of relating to The Other in a challenging and provocative session. Garth Gilchrist (from San Francisco) invited us to intuit each other’s stories and to exercise our capacity for empathic connection with the world around us. We also had a variety of spontaneous offerings and participant-led workshops to enrich our inquiry.

As if all that wasn’t enough, we also enjoyed Sue Hollingsworth’s fabulous performance of Out of Eden, an account of a 400 kilometer wilderness walk in South Africa, interspersed with stories from the indigenous Sand People.

Click on any of these photographs to view the whole gallery.


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